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Sport Album Published

Following some requests of our users, we've designed a new Sport album. There are traditionally 10 templates. Please get our new album and don't forget to leave your comments on our iTunes page.

New Set of Uniform Templates

Real men wear uniform - be it a military outfit or a firefighter suit. In CuteShot's new album there are nice postcards of brave military men, strict judges and skilled pilots. You can get postcards from iTunes and try on our latest collection of best uniform suites.

Pirates Album coming to iTunes

We're thrilled to announce the launch of 20th album in CuteShot collection. 10 customizable Pirate postcards are available for download on iTunes.

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Request a Similar App CuteShot

Would you like to do something pleasant for your friends or people you love? What about sending them your warmest and most sincere wishes?

CuteShot is a wonderful multifunctional app that can create exclusive postcards of your own. Just take a picture, choose a template from the library, write a couple of warm words and surprise your friends by sending them an amazing postcard by email or sharing it through Twitter or facebook.


exclusive postcards only;

originally designed cartoon postcards;

high resolution postcards (for retina display);

ability to create one-face/two-face/group postcards;

sharing functions (Twitter, Facebook, email, camera roll).


constant content updates;

more than 60 free postcards in 6 categories;

regular discounts and sales for paid stuff.

This app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad.


CuteShot Media Room


CuteShot: Nailing that Cute Photo Every Time on the iPhone

One of our favorite genres on the iPhone: What is it? Well, it isn’t the physics puzzler game, though you might think that from our previous statements. No, in fact we’re much more sold on the concept of a simple novelty app. Anything that lets us have fun with our chosen mobile device and our camera is fine with us. As such, we’re more than pleased to introduce you today to CuteShot by developer Offsiteteam. The app delivers a lot of quality and entertaining camera-fueled novelty action, which translates to a lot of value on the iPhone...

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CuteShot Review – Create Cute Postcards

Back in the day when you wanted to send a postcard to a family member or to a friend, you had to go out, purchase a nice postcard, and then mail it. Nowadays it is a lot simpler than that. Thanks to apps such as the Offsiteteam-developed CuteShot you don’t have to leave your house and go to a shop to get a nice postcard; you don’t have to bother with snail mail either. By using CuteShot you can come up with a cute, personalized postcard by simply taking out your iPhone. This app allows you to easily create a postcard then share it with your friends.

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Press Releases

How to get in the best shape with CuteShot app

Offsiteteam Corp. is announcing the latest update of CuteShot 2.5.1, universal iOS app for creating and sharing customized postcards. The app contains 22 set of postcards, or albums.

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CuteShot - Awesome Postcards: Summer Is Never Gone

Offsiteteam Corp. are pleased to announce the newest version of CuteShot - Awesome Postcards app. Version 2.4 goes along with new Summer album and new postcards in Frames album.

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CuteShot 2.3 - Get Creative and Go Social

Offsiteteam Corp. are pleased to announce the newest version of CuteShot - Awesome Postcards app. Version 2.3 goes along with a freshly designed interface and new cool China Mix album.

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