CuteTag app is an efficient organizer tool with convenient navigation through personal data. With CuteTag you can be pretty sure that your data never be lost in a vast ocean of information and always be at your fingertips. Our main difference from other note-capturing software is an emphasize on making data exploring as easy as possible.
Sending postcards has always been a great way to do something pleasant to your friends and express your true feelings to people you love. CuteShot is a wonderful app that enables its users to capture those very special moments of their life and save them in postcards using various templates.
iBuster game provides multiple difficulty levels, attractive fresh graphics and striking design and all that greatly enhances and intensifies the game experience. iBuster challenges users to destroy a carcass of blocks using a set of 3 bombs. That means a user has 3 attempts to make all blocks fall lower a rope. It seems so easy at first glance, but even having powerful bombs at your disposal, it should take tons of time before you become an expert.

iSchool is a study organizer and Timetable Schedule Planner (for schools and universities). Very minimalistic but has everything you need. Study schedule, notes are attached to classes, homework with notifications, grades, grades analytic. Take a pictures or use voice recording as a note. Very simple. Very useful.

cPMR - Children Personal Medical Record

cPMR is very simple and convenient Personal Medical Record organizer for iPhone, which includes: Convention child diary, personal medical record, Electronics medical assistant, Height/weight tracking and Many more.

CuteShot News

Sport Album Published

Following some requests of our users, we've designed a new Sport album. There are traditionally 10 templates. Please get our new album and don't forget to leave your comments on our iTunes page.

New Set of Uniform Templates

Real men wear uniform - be it a military outfit or a firefighter suit. In CuteShot's new album there are nice postcards of brave military men, strict judges and skilled pilots. You can get postcards from iTunes and try on our latest collection of best uniform suites.

Pirates Album coming to iTunes

We're thrilled to announce the launch of 20th album in CuteShot collection. 10 customizable Pirate postcards are available for download on iTunes.

New Dreams Postcards for St. Valentine's 2013

Just before coming St. Valentine's Day Dreams album has been released.

Childhood memories return with Circus album

It is always a pleasure to return to the sweetest memories of your childhood and enjoy once again those happy moments when parents used to take us to a circus show… Ladies and gentlemen, we’re pleased to present a new pack of Circus scenarios for CuteShot. Funny collection of circus postcards is available through in-app-purchase!

CuteShot 2.5.1: Great Christmas Price Drop

A bit more December surprises: CuteShot version 2.5.1 has been released, new album Christmas.Extra has been published... But the main and perhaps most pleasant news is great Christmas price drop for CuteShot. Yes, now you can get our app for $0 only! Please note that after downloading CuteShot you have 6 basic albums, the rest can be bought through IAP.

3 new CuteShot Albums published in November

We've added 3 more albums to CuteShot collection this month: Teens, Get Well Soon and Congrats from Cats. Now there are more than 150 scenarios in 15 albums and, of course, lots more coming soon!

"Get Well Soon" Album Published

The newest "Get Well Soon" Album has been added to CuteShot collection. Right now you can get it through in-app purchase.

CuteShot 2.5 Version optimized for iPhone 5

Welcome CuteShot 2.5. which is now optimized for iPhone 5.

The newest features coming along with the latest version:

- iPhone 5 support;

- Push Notifications;

- Twitter and Facebook functioning via the native iOS framework;

- Postcards are loaded from the server;

- Ability to send us a picture to convert it into a CuteShot postcard;

Help to create content for CuteShot

Now you can send us an interesting picture or photo and we'll convert it into a new postcard for CuteShot Albums.

How it works:

1. You send us a photo/picture via CuteShot.

2. We take a closer look at it and make some design magic

3. We add this picture as a new postcard to Cuteshot albums

Ideas and suggestions for new album themes are also very welcome!

New Cards for Halloween

Halloween fright night coming closer and closer... Time to send scariest wishes to everyone! Look for NEW SPOOKTACULAR POSTCARDS in our Halloween album and treat your friends with a portion of chilling congrats!

Preparing CuteShot for Halloween Time

We're working on CuteShot 2.5 version to make you a pleasant Halloween surprise: adding new features, fixing bugs and designing new scenarios.

CuteShot 2.4 Version

As promised, here is the newest CuteShot version 2.4 with an amazing Summer Album. There are 10 fresh postcards and each of them has its unique summer charm. Green grass and flowers, beach resorts with yellow sand, lots of sun and tons of fun! We've also added more templates to Frames Albums. Now you can find even more postcards here!

China Mix Album

The current CuteShot update goes along with a new China Mix Album. Find 10 new postcards: Asian-styled frames, sakura trees, pandas and samurai. Enjoy your summer with CuteShot!

CuteShot featured at iSnoops

CuteShot has been featured in Photo&Video Apps Gone Free Section at iSnoops

Summer Update for CuteShot

Latest summer update from CuteShot is already on the AppStore. The release includes 2 fresh albums with lots of juicy templates and new type of postcards.

P.S. Don't forget to rate CuteShot App on iTunes! We're eager to get your feedback!

CuteShot Sale

We've arranged a great sale for Easter and Retro albums. Buy 2 CuteShot Albums for $0.99 only!

Stylish Retro Postcards

Our latest release includes new extra album with stylish retro postcards. We hope you enjoy it! We do appreciate your feedback about CuteShot and would be glad to hear your suggestions and ideas about new albums and features.

Instructions for making CuteShot Postcard

How to make a CuteShot postcard:

- Take a snapshot or choose a photo from iPhone gallery

- Choose necessary CuteShot template

- Include your best greetings, warm wishes or perhaps a message of love

- Share your exclusive postcard by email, send it to Twitter or post to Facebook

- That’s it!

Troubles with CuteShot

Dear users! We’re terribly sorry for troubles with CuteShot during the weekend. It was a kind of technical issue, but we’ve managed to find and fix the problem. We ask and hope for your understanding in this matter.

CuteShot Easter Update

We wish you all a wonderful rocking Easter! Meet our surprise - fresh CuteShot version:

- 10 bright Easter templates

- iPad adaptation

- newly designed interface

CuteShot Update

We're working on mega update for CuteShot. Fresh features, cool templates and lots more pleasant surprises coming...

Squidoo Lens about CuteShot Published

Read a Squidoo Lens about CuteShot-Awesome Postcards here

Lots of love for St.Valentine's Day!

We sincerely congratulate everyone on the coming St. Valentine's Day! Lots of love, tenderness and fun not only on February 14th, but all year round!We've cut the price for CuteShot App to $0.99 only. Be quick to send tons of love to someone very special. Choose the nicest CuteShot Valentine's template and express your true feelings by sending sweet postcard!

Lots of best wishes for 2012 from CuteShot

We hope that 2012 will bring a lot of jouful and happy moments to you. We're happy to announce the latest update for CuteShot App. Get the newest improved version of CuteShot to send your best after-new-year wishes!

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