CuteTag app is an efficient organizer tool with convenient navigation through personal data. With CuteTag you can be pretty sure that your data never be lost in a vast ocean of information and always be at your fingertips. Our main difference from other note-capturing software is an emphasize on making data exploring as easy as possible.
Sending postcards has always been a great way to do something pleasant to your friends and express your true feelings to people you love. CuteShot is a wonderful app that enables its users to capture those very special moments of their life and save them in postcards using various templates.
iBuster game provides multiple difficulty levels, attractive fresh graphics and striking design and all that greatly enhances and intensifies the game experience. iBuster challenges users to destroy a carcass of blocks using a set of 3 bombs. That means a user has 3 attempts to make all blocks fall lower a rope. It seems so easy at first glance, but even having powerful bombs at your disposal, it should take tons of time before you become an expert.

iSchool is a study organizer and Timetable Schedule Planner (for schools and universities). Very minimalistic but has everything you need. Study schedule, notes are attached to classes, homework with notifications, grades, grades analytic. Take a pictures or use voice recording as a note. Very simple. Very useful.

cPMR - Children Personal Medical Record

cPMR is very simple and convenient Personal Medical Record organizer for iPhone, which includes: Convention child diary, personal medical record, Electronics medical assistant, Height/weight tracking and Many more.


CuteTag - Efficient Organizer

Cutetag works as a personal reminder for ideas, websites, pictures and even passwords...

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CuteShot: Nailing that Cute Photo Every Time on the iPhone

One of our favorite genres on the iPhone: What is it? Well, it isn’t the physics puzzler game, though you might think that from our previous statements. No, in fact we’re much more sold on the concept of a simple novelty app. Anything that lets us have fun with our chosen mobile device and our camera is fine with us. As such, we’re more than pleased to introduce you today to CuteShot by developer Offsiteteam. The app delivers a lot of quality and entertaining camera-fueled novelty action, which translates to a lot of value on the iPhone...

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CuteShot Review – Create Cute Postcards

Back in the day when you wanted to send a postcard to a family member or to a friend, you had to go out, purchase a nice postcard, and then mail it. Nowadays it is a lot simpler than that. Thanks to apps such as the Offsiteteam-developed CuteShot you don’t have to leave your house and go to a shop to get a nice postcard; you don’t have to bother with snail mail either. By using CuteShot you can come up with a cute, personalized postcard by simply taking out your iPhone. This app allows you to easily create a postcard then share it with your friends.

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iBuster Review

iBuster is a physics based game where it's three shots and you're out. The aim is nice and simple, each level is made up of a pile of blocks stacked up in the centre. You're tasked with blowing these blocks up and ensuring every block ends up below a specific point, indicated by a rope running horizontally across the level...

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iBuster App Review & Giveaway

There is nothing that keeps kids more occupied than patiently dismantling the parts of a toy and stopping to admire their efforts as they go about this process. iBuster is the right app for kids who enjoy pulling things apart or maybe even demolishing them! This game is simple and easy to play...

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iBuster - Must have iPhone Game

Apps400 review team: "After many valuable searches this valuable app seems to be trailblazing iphone game application called iBuster. It is cinch possible to enjoy every moment of this interesting game. The game is so facile to play and not so many features of complicated things exposed in this game..."

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iPhone App Review : CuteTag – Tag like you've never tagged before

Productivity apps can sometimes be too complex solution for what is too simple but CuteTag does it for you in a very simple and effective way. The app makes use of “Tags” in a way never made before...

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CuteTag Lite iPhone App Review – Your Notes, Compartmentalized

If you need an app to jot down all your lists, notes, to-do lists, appointments, general thoughts and every other piece of information you could possibly think of, then you’re well catered for in the iTunes App Store.

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CuteTag App Review: unique take on creating and organising notes

Cute Tag is a productivity app that allows you to take quick notes about everything and anything. You may be thinking, come on, do we really need another note taking app? You're right, there's plenty of note apps in the app store but Cute Tag does one thing many others fail to achieve, it keeps things simple.

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CuteTag – As Useful As It Is Cute

Productivity apps are in no way in short supply in the iTunes AppStore. ToDos, organization apps, note-taking, all you need is at the touch of your finger tips.

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