CuteTag app is an efficient organizer tool with convenient navigation through personal data. With CuteTag you can be pretty sure that your data never be lost in a vast ocean of information and always be at your fingertips. Our main difference from other note-capturing software is an emphasize on making data exploring as easy as possible.
Sending postcards has always been a great way to do something pleasant to your friends and express your true feelings to people you love. CuteShot is a wonderful app that enables its users to capture those very special moments of their life and save them in postcards using various templates.
iBuster game provides multiple difficulty levels, attractive fresh graphics and striking design and all that greatly enhances and intensifies the game experience. iBuster challenges users to destroy a carcass of blocks using a set of 3 bombs. That means a user has 3 attempts to make all blocks fall lower a rope. It seems so easy at first glance, but even having powerful bombs at your disposal, it should take tons of time before you become an expert.

iSchool is a study organizer and Timetable Schedule Planner (for schools and universities). Very minimalistic but has everything you need. Study schedule, notes are attached to classes, homework with notifications, grades, grades analytic. Take a pictures or use voice recording as a note. Very simple. Very useful.

cPMR - Children Personal Medical Record

cPMR is very simple and convenient Personal Medical Record organizer for iPhone, which includes: Convention child diary, personal medical record, Electronics medical assistant, Height/weight tracking and Many more.

CuteTag Press Releases

CuteTag App Now Optimized for iPad

Offsiteteam Corp. has announced CuteTag Pad 1.0, your personal knowledge base application optimized for iPad. Managing your personal info might be so easy and comfortable with CuteTag - iPad app for taking notes, organizing thoughts and ideas, keeping business cards, saving To-Dos, pictures etc. We do not require a permanent internet connection, but all your data might be backed up to our web-cloud, which prevent it from being lost. Your data also might be accessed from the web-browser by our web-interface.

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CuteTag App 1.7 Version With Fresh Functions Goes Online

Offsiteteam Corp has announced CuteTag Lite 1.7, is initially designed as an efficient information organizer and useful tool for convenient navigation through personal data. Strong emphasis on making data exploring as easy as possible is the main thing that makes CuteTag so different from other note-capturing software.

CuteTag Lite App turns out to be for almost a year in the App Store and many its users must have collected heaps of personal data. Taking all this into account CuteTag team has made some productive improvements to the current version of CuteTag, first of all, by adding a new Visual Data Navigation screen. This new small change makes data exploring a lot easier and more convenient than before.

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Cutetag 1.6 Provides Increased Stability and Advanced Design

Offsiteteam Corp has released Cutetag 1.6 for iOS. Still looking for an optimal solution to organize a busy everyday schedule and jot down everything that is of importance to you (notes, contacts, pictures, to-do lists, voice notes etc.)

CuteTag is an efficient personal information manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. This productivity app allows its users to capture important data, keep them effectively in one place and find easily when needed. Well-designed interface, awesome functionality, convenient search and browsing.

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CuteTag for iPhone: Keep Your Info Organized

Offsiteteam Corp has released CuteTag 1.1, their new personal information manager for iPhone and iPod touch devices. CuteTag helps to instantly catch everything you need and then keep it in one place: Train Schedules, Subway Maps, ToDo List, Notes, Passwords, Contacts, Pictures, Voice notes.

Nowadays the idea of catching, keeping and organizing personal data in one place (external brain) becomes extremely popular. The number of new and exciting start-ups based on that idea got funding recently. They achieved a great result in providing convenient way to store information in one place (in the web-cloud), even in text recognition but there is another side of the coin, how to retrieve that information. It is still old-fashioned full-text search when you just type what you are looking for and then got a hundred results most of them are not relevant.

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