CuteTag app is an efficient organizer tool with convenient navigation through personal data. With CuteTag you can be pretty sure that your data never be lost in a vast ocean of information and always be at your fingertips. Our main difference from other note-capturing software is an emphasize on making data exploring as easy as possible.
Sending postcards has always been a great way to do something pleasant to your friends and express your true feelings to people you love. CuteShot is a wonderful app that enables its users to capture those very special moments of their life and save them in postcards using various templates.
iBuster game provides multiple difficulty levels, attractive fresh graphics and striking design and all that greatly enhances and intensifies the game experience. iBuster challenges users to destroy a carcass of blocks using a set of 3 bombs. That means a user has 3 attempts to make all blocks fall lower a rope. It seems so easy at first glance, but even having powerful bombs at your disposal, it should take tons of time before you become an expert.

iSchool is a study organizer and Timetable Schedule Planner (for schools and universities). Very minimalistic but has everything you need. Study schedule, notes are attached to classes, homework with notifications, grades, grades analytic. Take a pictures or use voice recording as a note. Very simple. Very useful.

cPMR - Children Personal Medical Record

cPMR is very simple and convenient Personal Medical Record organizer for iPhone, which includes: Convention child diary, personal medical record, Electronics medical assistant, Height/weight tracking and Many more.

CuteTag News

CuteTag brings along web-cloud synchronisation

CuteTag has been recently updated. The newest version offers web-cloud synchronisation, some interface improvements and bug fixes. Now you can have assess to your CuteTag data through our web-interface

CuteTag Fresh Updates Launched

We’ve just released new CuteTag updates both for iPhone and iPad. Apart from minor bugs fixing, we've added the function of QR codes recognition. By now the full list of CuteTag main features includes the following:

- visual map of your data;

- keeping text, pictures and voice notes;

- favorite tags option;

- possibility to combine range of tags;

- possibility to add, edit and remove tags;

- Swiping;

- file sharing;

- QR codes scanner.

CuteTag for Android updated

CuteTag Version 1.0.1 for Android has been recently released. Among new features are the following:

- Android 4 support

- new animation

- HD support

- bugs fixed

CuteTag 1.7.2 Version

CuteTag 1.7.2 version is already in the AppStore. Among new features are iOS and iPhone 5 support and, of course, some bug fixes.

CuteTag for Android Mobile Devices Available

We're glad to announce that CuteTag for Android mobile devices is already on Google Play.  New version is free - please check out its key features.

CuteTag is Already on Android Market

Good news! CuteTag is already on Android market. Android version has the best features of CuteTag: possibility to build visual map of your notes, back up all data to web-cloud, choose favorite tags etc. The current version of the app is free but has a 200 record limit.

CuteTag Getting Ready for Android Market

CuteTag is getting ready to be launched at Android Market. Soon all Android fans will get a chance to discover, explore and enjoy wide range of CuteTag features on their devices.

CuteTag Optimized for iPad

CuteTag keeps being improved. Now you can take advantage of using CuteTag on iPad. Free version is already available for download on the App Store.

Discover Web-Cloud Sync and Japanese language in CuteTag 1.7.1

The newest Cutetag update has just been launched. We have included data syncronization with web-cloud and added Japanese language. You are welcome to try out the new version and share your experience with using Cutetag on our FB page.

CuteTag data visualization feature is on its way to Apple Store!

 Since our CuteTag Lite iPhone application is available online for almost a year, many users must have collected a large amount of personal data. Taking care of that we added a new screen which make the data exploring as easy as possible. CuteTag will draw a map of your data based on your tags. We are expecting it to be approved by Apple within a week. See here for more information about how to use that feature.

CuteTag Data Navigation System has been improved

Let me remind you that the initial impulse to build CuteTag was a desire to create a tool with very convenient navigation through personal data. So CuteTag team continues with its effort to make sure that your data never be lost in a vast ocean of information and always be at your fingertips. The new small improvement of data navigation is going live with a new coming release (expected to be online next week). Remember, that is was possible to make every note with several tags and then narrow the search by clicking on a particular tag? Assuming that the amount of your personal data is growing right now it is possible to select/unselect more than one tag. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you have a hundred of records marked as NOTES, ToDo, Picture and Friends. Initially clicking Notes you might see all notes. BUT some notes might also be marked as Friends (if they are about friends) or Picture etc. Right now you can search this in the following manner: please show me all records marked as Notes and Friends. That will allow to handle bigger amount of personal notes a lot easier than before.

CuteTag New Update to be released in the short run

A new update of CuteTag has been sumbitted for the review to the AppStore and is expected to be published soon.

Now you can combine two tags while filtering records. Besides we have fixed the bug with email sending and some other minor bugs to make your experience with using CuteTag even more pleasant.

“CuteTag Is a Long Term Memory Tool…”

CuteTag 1.6 has just been reviewed by iReview team. We’re glad that our app deserved rather favourable comments, although some constructive criticism has been included, as well... We’ll definitely take all this into consideration while working on future CuteTag updates. Read the review here.

CuteTag 1.6 is now online!

The good new also is Apple AppStore staff now approves us very fast.. it only took 3-4 day to promote new version.

Cute Tag is moving forward, swyping gesture, landscape orientation, zoom

CuteTag 1.6 version is already on its way to AppStore. New features coming in this update are:

- landscape / portrait orientation of all screens;

- deleting records with natural swyping gesture;

- zoom for pictures.

We expect it to be approved in 1-2 weeks.

CuteTag 1.5 - increased stability

We have done a serious work in order to increase stability of our CuteTag knowledge-organizer and now the new improved version has been submitted to Apple Store. We are expecting it to be available by Febriary 10. Except better stability it also included import pictures from Gallery, some design improvements and some adjustments for better view in iPad. Thanks for everyone for being patient!

Cloud synhronizing of CuteTag Notes, some insights

Just want to explain why we still have not came up with that synchronization which was announced a month ago. The most obvious way to do  that is just to create simple SOAP based web-service on our web-server and that is it. But this approach has some well-known drawbacks like concern about privacy and fear of uploading very sensitive data onto someone's server. So, we are still trying to figure out another way and right now our favor is for something like a peer-to-peer approach. So, everyone who desire to backup their data download a small desktop application which serves as a back-up server on your own computer. Thus, the real data will not be transmitted to third-party server, but only to your personal computer. This approach will also allow to explore and modify data from that desktop application.

App Hub Win 7 registration

We have our Win Mobile 7 CuteTag version ready, but it looks like the Windows App Hub registration process will be a pain... Why is it so complex? :) They are requesting marriage status, age etc... and finally do not accept our credit card...

Import pictures from IPhone internal Gallery

We understand the importance of the import of previously entered information, so we have started to work in that direction. The upcoming version will contain a possibility not only to take pictures from camera, but to import it from iPhone Gellery as well.

A Chance To Win A CuteTag Lite Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

AppAdvice has teamed up with Offsiteteam in order to offer you a chance to win one of five (5) promo codes for CuteTag Lite for iPhone and iPod touch ($2.99).

FaceBook and Twitter support inside of CuteTag

The new version of CuteTag with a possibility to post pictires or notes to your personal FaceBook or Twitter account is on its way. We are expecting it to be available on the Apple Store on December 15th.

Both Paid and Free versions of CuteTag are available righ now on the Apple Store

The work on the new version is just started, we are still determining the list of features to be included. And the version for Win 7 Mobile on its way. Stay tuned.

New version of CuteTag is available right now on the Apple Store

From this very moment we are starting to make the difference between paid and free versions. Until now they were completely identical, except the fact the Free app is iAds based. The first step toward that is all new features will be released on paid CuteTag a month ahead of free version. We are also not going to include some nice visualization tools in Free version.

Nevertheless, upcoming cloud will be available for both.

An update for CuteTag paid version

The new update for CuteTag paid version is going to be submitted today and it is expected to be available around Nov 15.

New features are the following:

- indication of amount of records under each tag

- edit tags possibility

- fixing some bugs related to special symbols in TAGs

Bug reports

Dear valued customers!

There is one comment, which states that the application crashes too often... We cannot see any crash evidences in Apple Crash Report section, so if somebody do has experienced any issues, please let us know any possible details via Contacts section.

Number of records under each tag

We have decided to show the amount of records under each tags on the main page. So, starting from the next release which is going to be submitted into AppStore in a couple of days, we will show number of tags in right-bottom corner of each tag.

Planning a new release

We are planning a new release right now... The features to be included:

- Edit Tags

- some visualization of data-interlinking

- some more localizations.... Japan's may be?

CuteTag Lite vs Free versions

We had a lot of questions about the difference between Lite and Free versions of CuteTag. So the only difference between them is Ads. Paid version is Ads free, but Free is running Apply iAds Network. The functionaly is the same.

New version of CuteTag now is available!

It just has been approved by Apple and available on iTunes.

It includes:

- some new look-and-feel adjustments

- German and Russian localization

- iPhone 4 adjustments

Unfortunately we had to remove AES 256 encryption again, as after a long communication with Apple, it becomes clear that we do need export regulation agreement, which is going to be a long story... So we have deceived to give it up for iPhone version but perhaps include it in our Win 7 and Android versions

EverNote API and its import

We understand, that having import from some most popular productivity applications like EverNote is very important, but while exploring their Agreement for using EverNote API we have found the following:...

Import from EverNote and NotesDB

Right now we only have import from internal iPhone NotesDB, which is started once right after the first launch of the application. But unfortunatelly, Apple allows it only starting from iOS 4.
As for Evernote... we are working on that import and expecting to add it in two weeks plus regular Apple's approve time. That update will be free, so you will be able to download it in approximately a month, we believe... if we won't face some more troubles.

CuteTag Feedback

As far as CuteTag sales already started, any suggestions or feedback are greatly welcome... We promise to take them into account as soon as we get them in a shortest possible time. So, please do not hesitate to add them to our blog or support sections.

CuteTag is finally on the AppStore

So it took 20 days...

iPhone CuteTag features full list

Just to summurize it....

The full list of CuteTag capabilities including:

Problem with AppStore submission and 256 encryption

Well, we finally have submitted our CuteTag application to AppStore, but it looks like it would be very hard to save a feature of 256 Encryption ... they requested some kind of licensing, so unfortunatelly, we had to remove that possibility from CuteTag, at least in the first version. Anyway, we will try to add this later... or probably create an Android version, where the submission rules are not so strick.

So, we are expecting to have our application on the AppStore next week... hopefully :)

CuteTag is available for Beta testing

If someone is interested in testing CuteTag knowledge base (and get life-long free version), please apply via Contact Us section. We promise to take into account all suggestions, so it might be a chance to tune the CuteTag according to your own needs.

CuteTag and Apple License

We are still trying to get an Apple Development Program license to allow downloading our first iPhone beta version. Not an easy job actually and takes a lot of time.

CuteTag has finally got Apple Development Program Licence

So, next week we are going to make available for download our first Ad-Hoc free version.

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