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OffSiteTeam informs iSchool users
OffSiteTeam informs iSchool users, as well as pupils and students, who will surely be interested in our product, the release of the next upgrade.
New version.
With joy we hasten to inform you that we have released another version of the application "iSchool" - 3.01. In this release, as usual, solved any problems, bugs and errrors that have been identified, not without your help, of course, and also we are glad to introduce some new items.
We rebranded our iMama
We rebranded our iMama health record application to "cPMR" starting from the current release.
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Privacy Policy

Last update: February 6 2017

This Privacy Policy describes how the personal information is used by our applications (apps).

Private Information

We respect the privacy of each individual who uses our applications. We do not collect information you provide us. For example, you provide your name, information about your school, contact list from your phone and media data.

How we use your private information

All information stores just on user’s device. We do not save your own data in our services. We do not share the information (and non-personal too) which is received through the application. We can get all information only with your permission.
All information is used for:
1. communicating with you;
2. implementation of some functions for our apps.

Changes to this information

We think about your rights, so we may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. All changes will be published to this site.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us via support@cutetag.com.

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